Wednesday, September 16, 2009

New school year: 1 week down

In 4 words: so far so good.

Shea seems to be making the transition to kindergarten with vim and vigor. Happy, enthusiastic, literally exploding off the bus with joy! This may be the high water mark but I am feeling much relieved.

The IEP manager told me about the first full day where he comes from kindergarten, has lunch with his bubble of special kids and then even had a mini snooze in the bean bag chair for about 15 minutes! Then bounced right up and had a good 2nd half of the day. Priceless.

Tomorrow is the first birthday party of the year and I already have the wheat/gluten free brownie ready to go.

Well. Like I said: so far so good.

Molly said yesterday, "I like middle school!" Yow! She likes her teachers and she likes her classes and she likes being able to bike to school and she like having a locker and she likes being a big kid.

Being a musical novice again is tough as she has joined the band and is learning to play the flute. This is in addition to violin and voice. Hm...

My butterflies are settling down although I still wish I could be a fly on the wall to check out the social dynamic. But instead I subtly ask things like, "How was lunch? Who did you sit with?"

The answer? The nice girls. The brainy girls. The not too much in a hurry to grow up girls.

Well. Like I said: so far so good.

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holly said...

Good for them!! And good for you too!! ;)

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