Monday, September 14, 2009

Lake Quinault Lodge and 16th anniversary

Jake and I hit 16 years over the weekend and did something that we hardly ever do but really should do out of town.

Amazingly, last spring I won a weekend to Lake Quinault Lodge from my accountant (!) for getting my paperwork in on time. How's that for positive reinforcement? Somehow beginning to work on tax stuff in January seems so much less daunting. Thank you Peter Lake, CPA!

Getting out of town shouldn't be so damn hard yet it is. Somehow we managed to time it over our anniversary which is really September 11th but we have moved it to either the 10th or the 12th because the 11th doesn't have a warm, romantic, fuzzy feel that it used to. We got married over a weekend anyway so I feel completely justified in moving the actually celebration day to whatever works best.

The lodge is really something special and feels like a flash back to the 30's. Maybe all the old cars crusing around had something to do with it. But, it feels like and still looks the way it did when it was built in 1926.

Shocked with the spectacular weather, I felt like we were able to really pull some strings and have the best weather imaginable. We hiked a little, lazed a little, read a lot, ate, drank and were merry.

It was fun. And, pretty nice to be reminded that we not only still love each but actually sort of kind of like each other too.

The kids got to be spoiled and adored by my mom for the weekend. And, we all got back to the house exhausted yesterday.

Ok, so now we go back to the regularly scheduled life but maybe with a little bit more of a spring in our step. Enough to last us for 16 more years?

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