Saturday, September 5, 2009

Naked dad calendar: update

Well, the naked dad calendar supporting our local school district is rocking!

I went to the release party on Thursday evening at Cafe Luna, Vashon Island, WA.

Most of the dad were there, slightly bewildered by all the attention and quickly getting writer's cramp from all the autographs. And, may I say, what a nice bunch of folks. Special kudos to all the excellent wives/moms for organizing and promoting this whole thing.

Check out this article from the Tacoma News Tribune which is great exposure but seems to miss the whole point at how extreme it is to have to raise money like this. Titter, titter aside - be it bake sale, car wash or naked dad calendar; we are NOT appropriately funding public education.

I have gotten so much great feed back about this project! And, I just know this could be an annual model. Any other dads out there ready to go au natural for schools next year! Hurray!

So, how are they doing? They printed 1,000 calendars, uped it from 500. At $20 a piece, that could be $20,000 for the school district.

Word has it that sales are good. Apparently it is the #4 calendar sales only behind the Twilight calendar AKA the sexy vampire.

Anyway, it is all good fun, despite one school board member worry. I guess, it takes something like this to get the conversation going. Mission accomplished!

Oh, and how many did I get? 5, for x-mas gifts for some lucky loved ones.

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