Sunday, September 6, 2009

The best marketing idea of the year award? Twilight Series coffee

The brilliant folks behind the Vashon Island Coffee Roasterie have done it again. On a day to day basis, they spin simple comfort and delicious down home magic out a historical building on Vashon Island.

Once the roastery for Seattle Best Coffee, yes - that started on Vashon too, they have transformed the space into a cozy, inviting coffee, tea and general store for local, organic and sustainable food and products.

So, I wasn't really shocked when I first saw their most recent brain child.

"Twilight Series" Coffee.

Yes, that Twilight or how I like to describe it to the horror of my daughter, the "Sexy Vampire" Coffee.

Partnering up with Forks, WA - land of wet and fog and vampires, the Vashon Roasterie has developed 4 blends: Bella's Blend™, La Tua Cantante™, Volturi Italian™ Roast and New Moon Rising™.

Today we are trying Bella's Blend and Molly and her friend have coffee for the first time. All these rights of passage are stacking up!

Here's to a good cup of joe! Just don't let it bite you in the neck!

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