Saturday, September 5, 2009

Team Shea

An informal IEP update meeting happened yesterday morning. It was really just a meet and greet with the new kindergarten teacher, a new Para educator, a new SLP for grades K-5. Plus the old favorites; the preschool SLP, the ESY teacher, the case manager and the principal.

Quite a turn out.

It went really well.

They always act like they are afraid my head might pop off my body but when they realize that I am not going to cry or yell it usually settles down.

I really think it is going to be fine but I will watch real close the first few weeks. Because he is going to have AM Kindergarten and afternoon Preschool, it leaves over and hour for lunch time, recess, rest time between classes. They are going to do a little social skills teaching during that time too. Now that I write it all down, I expect they will whip through that hour with no problem.

The 4 special kids will be together in the same class which a very experienced, beloved teacher and they will get a Para educator for the whole morning in class and during the lunch transition.

It could be really good. Or it could be a horror show. When I found out they have 50 Kindergartners at recess at once, I started to get nervous. He really gets way too cranked up at recess and the more people there are makes it even harder. I am afraid the hitting and stuff will pop up again.

So, that may have to be adjusted and I felt like I was able to say that I may want to take a re-look after a few weeks.

But, all and all, I was pretty pleased with how caring and responsive they were about Shea. Setting off on the right note.

Tuesday morning will just be an open house so we will just go and visit and hang out for as long as he wants. Then the big first full day is Wednesday.

Good thing we live so close, I think I might hover a bit more than usual for the next month or so.

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