Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Back to school...again!

Poor Shea. He was out of school for a week plus.

Conjunctivitis then a whirlwind virus breezed through and laid him low. Pink eye doesn't usually last that long ( I learned) but I guess the virus made it last longer or that his immune system was so compromised he could not recover as quickly.

But today! Today Shea went back to school and that kid was pretty delighted to be back. He got hugs from his excellent "pretty in pink" pal, the fabulous Sophia. "You're back!" she hollered.

The teacher said half her class was absent yesterday as we weren't the only one who was sick. I guess I didn't realize.

Is this common for kindergarten? duh? I guess so but is this a particularly bad year? I just don't remember this when Molly was there.

It really got me thinking about Shea and his diet. I am a big proponent of "live" food. You know, fruit, veggies, yogurt. Many of you may know how militant I am about my kefir every AM.

Shea doesn't need any of those things.

Oh, I try! But, the reluctance is strong and swift.

As I was talking with our Naturapathic Doctor on a daily basis for a week plus during the illness that wouldn't go away, I expressed my concern about this.

We talked about putting together a strategy to try and slip in some probiotics into his diet somehow.

I feel like I need to build his immune system as we head into this ball buster of a flu season we are all hearing about.

Ok. Un-official Coaxing poll:

Who out there is going to get a flu shot? The normal one and/or the swine flu one? Your kids? Yourself? Please share.


Anonymous said...

Full Family gets the regular flu shot (even drove to White Rock Canada when the US ran short a few years back) as for the N1H1 I am un-sure, I get mixed messages from different folks and of course both sides are fairly adamant with their messages (Some of course is chain mail of sorts that keeps getting moved along) I need much more information before the needle goes in! Smitch:)ps nice picture!

Anonymous said...

I was in until the CDC warned that this vaccine would contain more mercury than usual due to the need and etc. etc. Hmmmm More mercury. Not what any of us needs. I think I'll take my chances. Besides, Rich & I are sure we already had this flu last Spring.
xoxo, jan

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