Tuesday, September 22, 2009

An apple a day...

We have set up a self serve farm stand at our place. I say "we" but Jake did all the design and heavy lifting but now that is is done it is my job to stock it.

Thankfully we have this big old apple tree in the back yard. And, when I mean old, I mean really old.

Let's see the house was built in 1908 and I can imagine that those first happy home owners planted an apple tree perhaps within the first 3 years. No way to know for sure but I call it the "100 year old apple tree" for that reason.

And, are they yummy! Crisp, sweet but with a little tartness. Yellow streaked with red; just beautiful. Wish I knew what they were but we just call them Molly Delicious.

So, I am stocking the farm stand with apples...and people are actually buying them!

Yesterday, around after school time, I noticed a couple of teenagers who had been walking home from school step into the farm stand and look around a little sheepishly.

When they had gone I went up to check and see if they had paid. No money in the cash box! Damn kids! I muttered like an old curmudgeon shaking my fist at the sky. Annoyed? Yes!

But later I went up and noticed they had left a buck under one of the apples. Isn't that like a curmudgeon to jump to conclusions? Thinking the worst of the next generation?

So, it got me thinking, those kids while walking home had probably 2 apples each. Just because my farm stand was there - convenient - they had their servings of fresh organic fruit. They could have bought candy bars or bags of Sodium Crunchies at Mom's - the local gas and sip but they didn't.

The bought my apples. All annoyance vanished. Benevolence replaced it. Now I am pondering an After School special price for students!

No. That may be to preachy. I am just glad some high school kids are getting their fruit.

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Bluestem said...

Love it! How many years must I wait until my newly planted apple trees and pear tree fruit?! And start my own suburban stand?

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