Saturday, August 8, 2009

Potty training; is this it?

All has been rosy on the potty training front and I realize I haven't given an update lately.

Shea is a big boy now. He wears underwear MOST of the time and is getting that he can point his willy and pee outside. I never thought that had to be learned. I always thought little boys just knew that innately.

I have said ridiculous things like, "Hey Shea. You can point it like a fire hose!" Huh? But, he is getting it now.

Yesterday was our traditional Bubble lady day. He does not wear a pull up during the days anymore although in the car I bring the potty chair just in case.

We took a little pre-session walk in the this neighborhood pocket park with trails where Shea almost completely didn't pee on himself. A little wet but proud we headed into have his Speech appointment.

Afterward we were getting ready to go and Shea said, "Mom. Gotta go. Come help."

Sure enough, under his own volition, he parked himself on Bubbles toilet and took care of #2. I gave him a little wipe and he was on his way.

Slightly stunned Bubble and I were rooting and cheering but it appeared that Shea didn't need that. He's got it down. He doesn't need a cheering section anymore apparently.

So, all is rosy happiness here. The thing I had been worrying about for a LONG time is finally happening. 5 to 5 1/2 is a fine time to be potty trained, right before Kindergarten.

Funny how worrying just doesn't make anything happen any faster. Some things are on their own schedule.

So, now I worry about if he will be able to get his pants down and up all alone. But, for now it's summer and I am still celebrating.

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Henry's mom said...

What wonderful news about Shea being fully potty trained! And to think how worried you were, and look he did it and before going to K. Good for you and Shea for not pushing the issue and waiting till he was really ready.

On another note, Happy 11th birthday Molly! It sounds like a very special 11th birthday she is going to have.

Thinking of you always...

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