Monday, August 3, 2009 you are an expert

I just love this trend toward micro-news. You know, the little people report from the trenches so that the rest of us get to know what it is like.

Good news: now I am officially one of the little people.

If you haven't stumbled across it yet, is a relatively new national website designated into states/cities /locals. Each city/area has experts in...pretty much everything, from sports equipment, restaurant and food to Special Needs parenting.

We are still working on my title but I am going to be something like the Seattle Special Needs Parenting Examiners and I sure hope you come and visit me.

And, the thing is; you can do it too! They are actively recruiting new examiners in every city/state/location and you (excellent blogging mommys that visit me here) are an expert in your own right! Plus you can make money doing this!

So, check out your city/state/locale and the many different catagories and if it sounds good - Go for it! But, let them know I referred you, they will send me $50.

The process isn't super easy but they are looking for serious people. Once you have gone through the process and prove you are serious, they are very helpful and supportive.

Give it a shot, blogger moms. Let's share the knowledge!

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