Thursday, August 27, 2009

A tribute to Paul Andreson

Too many losses this week. But, this one is very particularly personal.

A dear family friend left us today.

Funny, smart, kind, goofy, warm, solid, friendly. Paul Andreson.

My stepdad's best friend, devoted husband and father, HP Engineer, author, world traveler, baseball aficionado, "Twistine Chapel" co- designer seen annually at Burning Man.

Paul was an artist/engineer/philosopher geek before it was cool. He loved living and laughing and was incredibly funny. I will always remember his excellent mustache.

I remember being 15 and babysitting his first child when they lived in this funny little house in Wallingford, right by the freeway. My stepsister and I drank too much tea (some diet undoubtedly), raided the fridge and pinched his pot.

He was one of the first adult who talked to me like an adult. Always supportive. Encouraging. Up beat about what we were up to. Wanted to hear the stories.

After having 3 boys he had done some parenting. All great boys, men now.

When we vacationed in Hawaii a couple years back, I snuck up on them and took this picture. I wish I had a better one. But, that was paradise; good friends, good spot, good book, good beverages. He knew how to live.

My condolences go out to Debbie and boys. I know that faith helps at time like this and I am glad that you and the boys have that together.

We'll miss you Paul.


Henry's mom said...


So sorry to hear about your lose. You will be in my thoughts and prayers.


deirdre said...

What a loss, sounds like such a fine man - but a man who lived his life on his own terms. What more could any of us ask for - except the raising of fine children to boot. Sounds like he's left quite a legacy.

Holly said...

I'm sorry you lost such a good friend--and what a tribute to him and his family. I'm sure they will read this and smile!

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