Saturday, August 8, 2009

Slumber-riffic 11th!

The magnificent Miss Molly's birthday is tomorrow and tonight we are having a slumber party. 7 young ladies including Molly will descend on the house this evening after working up an excellent pizza appetite at the skate park.

We are making build your own pizzas, fruit salad and having cake and ice-cream here. Then there is henna tattoos, make your own t-shirts, movies and popcorn to keep the evening lively.

I have sent Jake off to visit a friend, to have a little male bonding time so I can "like totally" hang with the girls. Or not, whatever they want.

Whether or not, I am here to cut cake and make popcorn, splooge henna goo out onto hands, wrists and ankles. Tomorrow I will rise and make a tower of pancakes. The 10 grain kind that Molly never really gets to have anymore because of Shea's wheat intolerance.

11 years ago right this minute? I was 1 week over due and just going into labor.

I would make the trip to Swedish at about 8:00 PM where the triage nurse informed me, "Honey, you aren't even dialated."

Back home labor kicked into gear with a vengence as Jake and I bucked it by ourselves until about 1:30 AM when we went back to Swedish. By that time, I was way dilated and too far gone to get the jacuzzi tub, I always remember being annoyed at that.

But, then I pushed and pushed all night but she was OP and wouldn't budge. I tried long and hard but by 9:00 they had an operating theatre open and I said, "Get this kid out of me. Thank you very much!!" Emergency C-section for me.

Then there she was. Her forhead red from smacking into my pelvic bone all night. Already hollering as they pulled her out of the secret trap door. Jake was a little green from watching the incision and the moving around of my guts. Weirdest feeling in the world? Yes.

Someone holds her up for me to see her and she is moving her fingers rhythmically, fan like back and forth gracefully in the air. I have never seen anything more beautiful in my life.

I knew immediately that she was going to be the most beautiful, funny, vivacious girl I had ever known. And, that is exactly who she is.

Happy Birthday Molly!

I love you!

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