Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Back to school: time to revisit the IEP?

I know it's only August but school is just around the corner. Each new school year bring new teachers, friends and experiences for all our kids’ especially kids with special needs.

Although the formal IEP meeting happens around your child's birthday, a special parent can request a meeting to revisit the IEP at any time.

Yes! That is correct. At any time!

So, as the school year begins to crank up, don't be shy about asking to revisit the IEP. Many things can happen over the summer; new developments, behavioral issues, allergies, new strategies and ideas from the child's specialists. Or you as a parent might just need reassurance that new members of the team are in sync with the goals.

Don't be afraid to contact your child's case manager and ask for an IEP update meeting. As always when dealing with anyone on your child's treatment team, be gracious and polite but be firm. Do not get angry. Be clear about why you want to have the meeting. And, if it is necessary, continue to say that you have the right to revisit the IEP at any time.

The goal is whatever is best for your child. You are your child's strongest advocate so be strong and actively participate.

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