Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Blackberry picking: an allegory on life

Plan ahead. Protect yourself. Wear appropriate clothing.

Careful! Don't get too cocky! Just when you think you have snuck through safely, a thorn with get you good.

Be realistic as you reach for the attainable berries. But, when you get there, reach a little further. You may be surprised how far you can go.

You get faster with practice.

Don't only go for the most perfect or beautiful berries, the little, slightly misshapen ones are just as sweet.

A full bucket happens one berry at a time, be patient.

If you spill your bucket, have a good cry then start all over again.

Don't feel like you need to make something fancy with all these berries. Simply eating them as they are is one of the highest compliments.


Holly said...

I will take your advice and suggestions to heart as we pick blueberries this season----if it's not too late because summer is just about over.. where the hell did it go????

deirdre said...

I love this! Can I copy and credit you on to my SSF blog???

divya chirsty said...

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Moorthy Machendran said...
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