Saturday, August 22, 2009

Movie review: Julie and Julia

Molly and I were part of the packed house last night at the Vashon Theatre for Julie & Julia. There was literally a line down the street that warmed my heart for our almost always starved theatre.

Was the movie incredable? Yes it was. Meryl Streep is some sort of chameleon and genuniely became Julia Child to the delight of the entire theatre. Uproarious laughter through the whole movie, the audience was enchanted.

I had read reviews about the Julie character being sort of insipid and just taking screen time away from Streep. Well, #1 - It has got to be hard to go toe to toe with Streep from screen time. I mean, come on! #2 - that was her character, that is exactly how she was supposed to be. It was true story after all.

So, I thought she was great. A nice, normal, clever, slightly awkward gal who we all could relate to or recognize. Those reviewer that bitched about her were just grumpy. She was just great.

My strongest impressions were the strength and tenderness of Julia Child's marriage. It was extremely touching and quite illuminating that she married so late and was so sad about never having children. She pours her heart into her food and her cookbook ( her baby) becoming a house hold name all over the world.

The nagging thing? During the whole movie I felt guilty for not blogging more. I know, typical. I have been feeling guilty about it and this movie drove it home.

Would I recommend the movie? Yes. But, be prepared to want to make something fancy for dinner afterward.

Molly and I are going out today to try and find Julia Child's famous book. This movie has cemented the idea in her head that she wants to be a pasty chef when she grows up.

For me, it has cemented the fact that I need to try a new recipe every once in a while.

Success and optimism all around.

Bon apetit!


deirdre said...

I bet sales of Mastering the Art of French Cooking are skyrocketing all over the country - I, too, am on the search!

The thing I would add to your glowing review (and I totally agree about the present-day Julie character) is that this is a movie that really sticks to your ribs. I can't stop thinking about it!

The thing about Streep - she is so, so amazing, but she is also always plays amazing people, so watching her is double-amazing. I found her Julia Child just plain joyful in a way I haven't seen up on the screen in quite a while. We're thinking of sneaking back and seeing it again....!

Holly said...

I'm glad you blogged about this movie. I am reading the book, so I want to see the movie when I'm finished.. So far it's a pretty good book, but I have a feeling it's a better movie. And I didn't know it was a true story. Interesting.

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