Wednesday, December 17, 2008

What do you get for the man who has everything?

I had a really good idea the other day and I was sort of embarrassed I hadn't ever thought of this before. I figured out the perfect thing to get Jake for Christmas.

First, let me say, Jake and I don't really exchange sentimental gifts. We don't give each other cards, jewelry, flowers or candy. We just don't really make a big deal of our birthdays or anniversary.

So, for Christmas, we don't really exchange big gifts but I like to break up the kid-present-a-thon by actually having something for him under the tree. But it is always something very utilitarian. I kid you not; long underwear, a big jar of salted mixed nutz. One year I wrapped up a nice big box of 200 of those little packets of foam ear plugs (he is a woodworker and constantly making lots of power tool noise) He is still working through that box and has plenty to share.

He heats his workshop with a woodstove ONLY and I see him out there chopping wood. I think it was Ben Franklin who said, "Chopping your own wood warms you twice." How true but Jake's going to be 50 next year and would probably like to not have to chop his own firewood. What can you give a man who doesn't want anything? How about more time? Or a back that doesn't hurt as much?


The truck with a cord of wood arrived this afternoon. Jake was there to tell them exactly where he wanted it dropped off. He was almost giddy. He really liked his Christmas present and I didn't have to wrap anything. I really made him happy, it's very useful and I supported a local island small business.

Pretty good.

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Anonymous said...

Not ONLY are you the best sister-in-law ever, you are also the best wife EVER!! What a thoughtful gift!

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