Friday, December 12, 2008

These kids are terrific...

Speaking of our wonderful high school kids, check out the Vashon High School award winning newspaper, The Riptide. Now, I see they have this great blog.

This may seem unbelievable but these Vashon teenagers ROCK. I'm repeatedly amazed at the thoughtful, mature, confidence. Not everybody, all the time, of course. But, for the most part, yes, these are really good kids.

It was one of the first things I notice when we moved here. Hard to explain actually but the teenagers were still kids somehow. There was still some innocence there.

Jake coaches the Boy's High School Tennis team and he agrees. There is something about these kids. A unique recipe of growing up in a small town with lots of natural beauty, enjoying many, many years of parental involvement, benefiting from all the committed educators, artists and coaches who generously devote countless hours and stir it all up in a community that supports them and has been a village from the start.

Yes, it is a little bit of magic.

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