Friday, December 19, 2008

Snowed in

It doesn't take much around here. It looks to be only about 6 - 8 inches of accumulation. In fact, the lightest, whitest, fluffiest, best snow ball making snow I have ever seen.

But, the island is stopped in its tracks. I have not seen one snow plow or sand truck. Our sort-of busy, well traveled flat road right in front of our house is quiet, no traffic. Oh, yes, there are a few 4-wheel drive trucks (with chains) cruising about but slow and cautious.

We're about a mile or so to town and I see people, bundled up, walking to town for provisions. I am worrying about the local retailers. This is the week before Christmas and I can imagine they were expecting all those last minute purchases to help this year.

The weather gurus say clear and cold today and then more snow for the next few days!

Of course, my batteries are dead in my camera. I should be documenting all of this. And, I think that will get me bundled up and out walking to town too. Batteries - check. Hot buttered Rum - check. ; - )

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