Friday, December 26, 2008

The big melt

Well, it has certainly been interesting while it lasted. Thankfully it is beginning to warm up to normal NW temps. Unfortunately, we have a heck of a lot of snow to get through before it really is back to normal. And, it's not happening fast enough for me.

The roads are fine but our driveway is terrible. Jake got stuck 5 ft. from our front door when he tried to go to the store; gravel and slush flying. Ugly. Rain near freezing doesn't really clear it up very fast.

I look out at all my trees and shrubs and wonder if anything will make it through.

By now, I have read about wicked snow all over the country this holiday time and I would not even presume to complain about our pathetic 10 inches. I expect everyone is ready to get back to normal now.

All in all, it has been a wonderful Christmas. Kudos goes to Kathleen and Casey for hosting the Christmas dinner last night. I made the prime rib and mashed spuds, Jake made a truly stupendous gravy. Everything else was yummy including the company. Serious ovation goes to Kathleen's Chocolate/Peanut butter balls. O - my- garsh!

Casey built a big bonfire in his backyard where all were invited to sit and gaze at many "yule" logs piled up. Very cozy and the evening sped.

We have another week of "vacation", at least from school. I think we have enough fun distractionary apparati to keep us going. Molly's favorite gift so far: Calligraphy set. Shea's favorite gift so far: toy cash register.

Looking forward to an interesting 2009; for us all.

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