Sunday, December 21, 2008

Christmas tunes at The Vashon Bookshop

Molly played her violin at our favorite bookstore here on Vashon yesterday. The owners of The Vashon Bookshop are so incredibly wonderful and very welcoming when Molly asked if she could play.

This is her 2nd year doing this and her Christmas tune repertoire has grown from last year. She even broke up the pace with a couple of Celtic tunes that she has been working on over the year.

People are always very supportive and encouraging when she plays; they just go about their business of shopping but manage to clap a little after each tune. For Molly, she gets another taste of performance in a low key setting.

I used the time to get some last minute shopping done. Books are always considered a winner under our tree. Jake scampered to the the hardware store for some foul-weather preparedness stuff. Shea zipped around; they have a nice big children's book area with puzzles and toys and many, many books to tempt. It's a very kid friendly place. I can honestly say, I just love it there.

I encourage you to go see them when and if you are in town. And, when you are there, go across the hall and visit Kronos too, a truly dazzling emporium of fun and cool things. Those gals are awesome too.

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