Saturday, December 20, 2008

Shea finally gets to sled

Last winter, I knew I was really thinking ahead and actually bought a sled before it snowed. Boy, some smarty pants. Of course, it never did snow last winter and typically I can't even find it now. Where the heck did that go?

When it does snow around here, there is no finding sleds anywhere. All inventory is snatched up quickly, at any price.

We tried to make your own, cardboard and then pieces of plastic but it was admittedly pretty lame. No offense Jake, you gave it a good shot.

Luckily, some well equipped friends came by with 3. My driveway has just enough slope for a low key ride and the kids took it on with gusto. Sledding agrees with Shea. As his new favorite thing in the world it was a little tough when the sleds went bye-bye.

Kudos goes to Lizzie for sharing all her sleds with Molly and Shea especially her brand new one which Shea completely took over.

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