Saturday, December 13, 2008

A teacher's perspective of the economy

I'm not sure if you are all familiar with the DailyKos website. Normal, everyday folks submit their written posts on topics, mostly political, but ranging all over the gambit.

I read a post yesterday, that I just can't get out of my head. Here is a snippet but it is well worth reading the whole post. I am constantly amazed at the extra heart, money and time a teacher provides their students. In hard economic times, I guess the need obviously ramps up too. Most public school teacher contribute $300 - $1000 out of their own income to enhance the learning in their own classroom. And, this is during normal economic times. One can only imagine what is happening now.

My hat goes off to every single teacher out there but I am going to let Mrs. K share her story, she captures it so well.

"Mrs. K, I have nothing to barter." "Mrs. K, I don't have lunch money"

"The American Public School system is the the only institution where there is compulsory attendance for a huge percentage of Americans, everyday. And, those young Americans who pass through our doors bring with them a diverse and immediate picture of the state of America, because in their eyes and with their stories, we see and hear about their families, hopes, dreams and fears.

If you want to know how a community is really doing, you don't have to wait for unemployment statistics. Just ask a community teacher. We have been hearing how children are moving around and moving in with Grandparents. We began scrambling in October to to meet the needs of initially just a few kids who suddenly started to show up dirty and rumpled. We've arranged for them to use the locker rooms in the morning to get cleaned up.

We've been seeing signs like these that Main Street's kids and families are REALLY hurting for a few months, even in the pretty well-off, suburban community we live in.

BUT, today took the cake for me. It was a BIG wake-up call, and I'm still crying. I have a story and Call for Action after the fold."

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