Thursday, November 6, 2008

Potty training update: wahoo!

Shea stumbled downstairs sleepy, blurry eyed this morning. We settled into the usual huggies, snuggies and the diaper change; in that order.

Hold it! Dry pants! Unprecedented.

So I steer/cajole into the bathroom (or as my wacky friend Casey calls the"pee kitchen") to settle Shea down to contemplate the joy and comfort of the potty chair. We read a book...he said "all done" and ta da!

He did it folks! The first morning piddle! I know this may seem a lot of excitement for not much piddle but after all he is 4 1/2 and over here we are celebrating. Now if we can just stay consistent and keep at it.

The other day the OT predicted within 6 months. "Wow!" I exclaimed, "From your mouth to the ears of the potty god! I hope you are right!" She looked a little nervous then, like I might hold her to it. But, apparently she was right. He is less reluctant these days although it is still hard work to get him interested.

If we can just establish a pattern or routine. For example, we have been sitting down to have a potty as we get him ready for a bath. It seemed like a natural. Who doesn't have to go when they hear the tub fill up? So, Shea has pulled that off a couple of times. So, now if we go for every morning when he gets up maybe that will get us a little closer to the goal.

Hurray! Baby steps...

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deirdre said...

Yay! Wow - what a breakthrough! That is so exciting...Every day, something new.

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