Tuesday, November 18, 2008

A sad day

Today I heard that one of my clients, Will Anderson has died. He was only 53 and had finally succumbed to a long battle with cancer. He leaves a big hole.

My thoughts and wishes go out to his family. He was a warm, generous, unique and dynamic person and he will be greatly missed.

Although I had only known him for 4 or so years, he was much loved by many here on the island. He didn't tell me that he was sick until quite recently when he confided that he was recovering from Stem Cell therapy.

He wasn't one to dwell on the negative and really seemed to take life by the horns.

Last year, he told me he would be gone for a month or so, he was going to Thailand to help with some rescued elephants with an old circus friend. Wow! I just couldn't let that go and asked him to send me a few pictures that I could share with my kids. These are them.

RIP Will. You were a true gentleman and I will miss you.


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