Monday, November 10, 2008

What is it about bunk beds?

I can't think of anything else that gets an almost universal positive reaction from a kid like bunk beds. Suddenly bed is not only cozy and snuggly but super-duper elevated fun!

My GGF (Good Girl Friend) recently upgraded her bunk bed system for her son and had a starter set up for grabs. My husband would say that I have an uncanny ability to acquire stuff but in this case we could really use it. And, the price was right.

They brought it over while I scoured the IKEA website for assembly instructions. By the way, who knew they had all the instructions on-line to download? I didn't! What a brilliant idea.

Anyway, despite the instructions, they both took pity on me and actually set it up for me too! Kudos goes to Mark, my GGF's very pleasant and helpful husband. Shea assisted as well, to the extent that he could which was mainly staying out of the way most of the time.

And, voila! Bunk beds; perfect for a little prince. It goes without saying what any kid would choose when asked, "Do you want to sleep on the top or the bottom?" "Top" Shea immediately answered. The top, of course! Why would there be a ladder if I was going to sleep on the top? Shea did not say that but was probably thinking it.

We set up the top bunk for eventual slumber and the bottom is a full time fort. We stuffed it with comfy pillows and hung some fabric for curtain/walls so it feels like a separate little room. He didn't want to be anywhere else in the house for a good solid week but now he is getting used to it.

He does sleep up top mostly but likes to toss it up a bit depending on his mood. All in all a pretty inexpensive and fun room face-lift. And, a real shot in the arm to a kid who tends to always be in big sister's shadow.

Now she is jealous of his bed which gives him a little bargaining power.

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