Sunday, November 23, 2008

"" Shea insists often.

Shea's really working on the old independent spirit thing these days. Actually, it's nice to see. He still wants me to do plenty for him but he wants to decide what and when for himself.

You know, normal kid stuff.

In the past, if he even tried using his words, I tended to honor the request just to support the attempt. But, like any kid, Shea will say "cookie" all day if allowed. So, to keep it all in check we need to re-evaluate periodically.

Last week he got into a little scuffle at school. I asked him what happened, he said in that stilted, deliberate way of his, "Hit him." Oh boy! A+ for honesty but a D- for hitting.

"Hitting is never ok, Shea." I predictably repeat, way too many times. I worry if his frustration level is rising or things just got out of hand this one time. Without being a fly on the wall, it is really hard to know.

Up until recently, he has always been such an even tempered kid. I remember starting with Bubble Lady when he was three and there was not a hint of the contrary kid. I pointed this out to her but in her wisdom she predicted that it would probably appear...eventually. Of course she was right. With a vengeance.

Shea won't throw full scale tantrums usually but will be contrary just for the sake of contrariness. Or as they say, oppositional behavior. This plays out about 400 times a day with his sister. I hear he is a little better behaved with other kids at school, thankfully.

I expect this is just normal kid stuff and he will work through it eventually. But, I am aware that Shea is on his own schedule and may need to be reminded again and again about certain social lessons.

No hitting is a real big one.

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