Thursday, November 20, 2008

Speech update: blending sounds

What does "splash", "climb" and "spin" have in common? They are all blended sound words that are hard to conquer for some.

Bubble lady told me that blended sounds would be the next big push that we would be working on with Shea. She said that will go along way to help with articulation and to help other people understand what he is saying. Sounds good.

It's weird how our family can all understand what he is saying. Even though it is quite rough. We just know. I often need to translate for him even with his specialists. If I am having a hard time understanding what he is saying he will get frustrated, sometimes really frustrated. But, he will usually try again, sometimes clearer or with another clue to help me figure it out.

I am glad he now makes the extra effort and I always make a big deal with praise and pats on the back of these attempts. But I am reminded how much I am missing of what he thinks and feels because he can't speak easily. I just hope one day down the road he will be able to tell me how he is feeling in full throated description and detail. I can't imagine it but I still hope.

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