Saturday, November 1, 2008

Reaching out - healing, humor and hankys

I can see why this blogging thing is so popular. It gets addictive. Not only am I really enjoying it for my own catharsis but the searching out and visiting other people's blogs is just plain entertaining and fun.

Let me rephrase; the reaching out and connecting is really fun but it isn't all grins and chuckles. Because of Shea's issues, I feel drawn to other family's stories about their children with special needs. Often I sit riveted and shamed by my own self absorbed concern and fretting. As I cruise the blogs, let's just say I keep a well stocked hanky box near at hand. Each one of us, in our way, is reaching out and there in lies the healing and the balm.

This crazy world of ours; what have we created? When I think of the speed and 24/7-ness it makes me wonder how any of it can end up positive; but then I think of all the seemingly arbitrary connections, fueled and powered by technology and see plenty of good stuff happening. Making it easy for average, ordinary folk to share their stories is a high point indeed.

You don't need to be a writer to blog. Yet, if you blog enough, you will probably become a better writer. Funny how that works. Lifes little lessons.

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