Sunday, November 23, 2008

Movie Review: Bolt

Both kids and I checked out "Bolt" last night. We hooked up with a variety of mom & kid friends and took over nearly a full row at our wonderful little Vashon Theatre.

The new Disney movie was a predictably tour-de-force adventure with consistently top wrung voice talent and Bolt was no disappointment.

The story was about a dog who plays an adventure hero on television with a kid spy. He doesn't realize that the adventures are just pretend since the truth has been kept from him intentionally. He has a rude awakening, makes some friends and has a wowzer of a cross country trip to get back to his beloved "person". Hilarity ensued.

For me, my favorite character was the hamster living his life in a Lucite ball watching way too much TV. And, the pigeons; all of them were just incredible.

One disturbing side story was the mother of the child star who was continually ignored and disregarded by the selfish and greedy agent. Reminding me of my severe skepticism for parents who push their children in that arena. At the end, the mother pays him back with a satisfying "We quit!" and kicks him out.

I thought it was a pretty solid lesson on how empty, lonely and weird growing up as a child star must be. Then come to find out, the voice for the child star was no other than Miley Cyrus aka Hannah Montana. Speaking of pimping your kid to Hollywood. The irony was not lost.

Basically, it was a fun movie. Molly really liked it but it was a little much for Shea. I would rent it again but not sure if I'd buy it.

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