Friday, October 30, 2009

School Dance Network

Thanks goes out to Ric from School Dance Network, a website designed for school administrators to educate themselves on the latest teen dance issues.

He spotted my Grinding article and invited me to visit there pretty darn cool site. They are the originators of the Do Not playlist for school dances; songs that have excessive profanity, sexual or violent lyrics. And, demystify what those wacky kids are up to.

They also have some good information on how school can handle the Grinding issue at their school.

And, come to find out he is just some dad from here in the NW that started this whole thing up. Good for you, Ric!

Check it out!

"My name is Richard Mattson. I am a father of a teen, a former radio station manager and a friend to administrators at every age level. I created the School Dance Network to help school districts, principals, dance administrators and parents sort out teen trends, and find the best ways to provide a great school social event, that’s not only fun for the students but in good taste.The School Dance Network provides usable updated tools for administrators to create fun, appropriate and positive dance events at schools. There is no charge....just register your school and start taking advantage of the many tools. Your input is always welcome and our phone line is always open to our members: 1-800-217-9930."

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