Saturday, October 10, 2009

Fabulous Autumn Beef Stew

This was stew was so good; the kids had thirds, Jake had two whopping bowls and it went so fast I couldn't even get a picture of it.

Fabulous Autumn Beef Stew

1 lb. or so of Beef cut into chunks
onion, diced
garlic, minced
1/2 cup (approx) red wine
4 potatoes cut into pieces
1 cup baby carrots
1 Sweet potato cut into pieces
1/2 bag frozen corn
1/2 bag frozen edamame beans
lg. container of Beef stock
more water if needed
1/8 Paprika
1/8 Nutmeg
salt & pepper

Saute onion & garlic until limp, toss in beef and brown. And red wine let simmer. Add both kinds of potato and beef stock bring to boil, add carrots, reduce heat.
Cook until potato falls apart and is soft. Add corn, edamame beans and water (if needed) simmer. Sprinkle paprika and nutmeg and any more salt & pepper needed.

Cool and serve. I served toasty bread points for dunking. Why are the called "toast points"? Because they are pointy!

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