Monday, October 26, 2009

Kitten therapy

As yet still un-named but oozing in adorableness, meet our new kitten. A teeny-tiny kitten has moved into our house and hearts. None are immune.

Here she is doing "Cat in the Hat" for Halloween.

Why now? Our good old timer cat, Hector, has gone to the great big litter box in the sky. 17 years old. He had a good long mellow life and was a particular friend of Shea's. Back when Shea would only bestow words on us very sparingly, he willingly chat up a blue streak with Hector. They spoke the same language.

So now Hector is gone and we have adopted a new kitten, not just for Shea but for all of us. We could all use a dose of kitten antics in this house. Watching this little critter charm our socks off is pretty fun.

We're still naming though.

Top 5:

Bat cat (Shea's offering)

It's a real toss up!

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