Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Excellent buddy

Shea had a play date on Saturday and obviously since I am bringing it up as news, it must be unusual. I guess it is.

Oh he hangs out with his sister and the neighbor girls but he is the littlest therefore he is a minority of one and not always treated as well as I would hope for him.

I have tried to do playdates but they really are tricky. I have to be honest. Seeing my kid next to a typically developing kid just hurts. Still does. Oh, we do plenty of it anyway but it hard for me to witness.

I have tried making connections with the other special kids in Shea's class with not much luck. Remember; the special kids are picked up and dropped off with door to door service by the fabulous special bus. We happen to live very close to the school so I do a lot of dropping off and picking up but not many special parents do.

I have written about this before. It is easy to just let them be. It is easy to not really be very plugged into the classroom happenings when you aren't there. Believe me, all the other typically developing parents are there. But special parents usually aren't.

So it has been slow going meeting other special parents who would like to connect. That is why I was so thrilled to run into one mom recently. Of course, I met her at Granny's and her eyes lit up when she realized I was another special mommy too.

So we planned a play date at my house last weekend and it was a great success. It made me realize that Shea really needs this and I need to provide it with more regularity.

He was so excited he could barely spit his words out but they got along pretty good. Shea was thrilled to show off his treasures but there was a little bit of scuffling over "stuff". Pretty mild really.

When his mom came to pick up, I am afraid I blabbed her ear off.

I guess we could all use a few more playdates with the right people.


Bluestem said...

Hurrah! Sounds like a great connection. I like the term "special parent." Look at me!I'm special!

A Lady Called Amy said...

:-) Sounds like it was a nice time for both you and Shea. :-) Yay!

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