Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Vitamin D! The newest most popular kid on the block.

Everywhere I turn, I hear the praises for Vitamin D being sung.

Even this guy!

Soren Khalsa, a refreshingly unusual looking Beverly Hills doctor writes extensively about how wonderful it is.

From the LA Times:
Soram Khalsa is on a mission to get Americans to up their levels of Vitamin D. Why? To protect them against a myriad of illnesses, including cancers, heart disease and diabetes. He even had a patient from his who's-who-studded medical practice in Beverly Hills hand deliver a copy of his book, The Vitamin D Revolution, to Michelle Obama. "In the front, I wrote, 'Vitamin D can help the country's health-care crisis. Please contact me if you are interested' and included my phone number. I haven't heard from her yet, but..."
He suggest taking it to boost the immune system during the flu season. He even ventures to say that it can "prevent" swine flu.

Vitamin D? Don't we get that from sunlight? I am so behind the times, glimpses of "sunlight in a jar" flit through my brain. Naa. Probably not.

But it was suggested for Shea. He seemed so weak and peaked after his last bout. I was nervous for him and asked at the Naturapath's office. She was singing the praises of Vitamin D too, "Boost that Vitamin D! Whenever I feel a little tickle in my throat or achy, I just power up on the D."

Ok. Now that is some advice I can follow but what about my picky, won't take vits, gotta hide everything or he will turn up his nose and refuse it boy.


Bio-D-Mulsion Forte
'. One drop is 2,000 IU. At it has really made a big difference right away.

His color is better and he seems stronger. I hide it in his morning hot chocolate.

Now if I could just find a mult- that I could hide so well.

What other immune-system strengthening measures are you taking this year? For yourself? For your kids?


Holly said...

I am told that fish oil is good for the brain!! Omega 3.

Bonnie said...

Hi! I linked to your blog from "The Quirk Factor: Resistance is Futile" blog. Looking forward to checking it out and learning more about you and your son!
I was giving my son a drop of Vit. D each day in his juice last Fall and Winter, and it reminds me it needs to start again since the sun isn't out as much now. Also we do about 1500 mgs of Vit. C a day, as well as fish oil, grape seed extract, a multi, probiotic, and an antioxidant pill. So, he and I both seem to stay pretty healthy with these things, knock on wood!
If we start to get sick, I keep grapefruit seed extract oil in my cupboard and put a few drops in some juice for us and do that throughout the day to combat whatever it is we feel coming, and put some in empty capsules for him as he hates the taste.
Theres also a great supplement call "Activate" I get from (along with all the other vitamins, and no, I am not a rep for them, just like their products) that helps when you are feeling sick too, or, we take one with Vit. C when I go out in public, like Chuck E. Cheese, or somewhere else excessively germy!
Hope that helps, I hate being sick or having sick family, can you tell!!!!

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