Saturday, March 28, 2009

Trouble maker

I got word that Shea has been getting into trouble from his teacher at the developmental preschool. Apparently, he has been being a real little shit lately.

Little shit is my term not hers and it means:

Won't line up after recess, won't come when called, will hide or climb to the top of the climber to evade the teachers.

Also, he is having a hard time settling down in the classroom. Once he is seated and working or listening, he is ok. But as soon as he is up, he is bouncing off the walls, runs won't walk and won't keep his hands to himself.

This is the kind of thing that doesn't work in the highly structured environment on a public developmental preschool.

She was trying to get him to comply by saying he would miss recess the next day if he doesn't come line up by the count of 5. Well, oblivious Shea doesn't get that sort of punishment when it is delayed by a day. He had no problem missing recess the next day. He hung out inside and helped one of the teachers clean up. He probably thought it was his special alone time with that teacher. Probably not a real successful deterrent.

I suggested that if he won't come line up after recess is over, she should tell him that she was going to call his mommy (the ogress) and she was going to come and take him home for the day. That way I can be the bad cop and he can get the idea immediately that he needs to change his behavior. Let's hope that works.

I have been noticing lately that he is acting like he has bee eating wheat. He gets sort of spacey and swoony and keeps on bumping into you with his head when he eats wheat. But, we are really careful about what he eats plus he is a very picky eater so I know nothing contraband is sneaking through.

So, when Jake dropped him off at the OT's yesterday and she asked how he has been, he said,"Fine but he sure is acting like he is eating wheat lately."

She suggested that it might be the extremely high tree pollen count right now. Huh?

Yes, apparently the histamines that your body produces when you have allergies are neurotransmitters and can effect behaviors. She said that she has noticed a whole bunch of kids are having allergy and behavior problems right now. Symptoms may not be the traditional scratchy eyes and runny nose but behavioral issues too. And, that some children, especially kids who are sensitive to allergies already, can be highly effected by it.

Wow, now I hadn't heard that before! She suggested we try more allergy tests to see what we can find out. Again, wow, I just thought that was really interesting.

I will give our naturpathic doctor a call on Monday and just what these tests entail. He needs his 5 year old check up anyway and maybe we should just get it take care of at once.

Who knows, maybe it does have something to do with the trees?

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Casdok said...

Yes very interesting!
Good luck with the tests.

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