Wednesday, March 11, 2009

How sick is he?

Shea is sick; a fever and a cough. And, this brings up one of my worst fears; how can you tell how sick your kid is if they don't really talk?

This is a tough one, always has been. Usually your kid will say, "Mommy, my ear hurts." Then you take them to the doctor to see if there is an ear infection. Etc.

But, if your kid doesn't really discuss how he feels, I feel like I am always trying to read between the lines of a pantomime.

Oh, he is sick. That I know. Temp over 100 and a wet, rattly cough. So, we are doing what we can; home from school all week, doses of Tylenol, lots of juice, blankies and pillows and piles of videos.

But, there is this gnawing fear that I am not doing something I should. That he can't tell me what hurts, doesn't even really know how to tell me.

I suppose I make these deals with myself, "If he isn't better by X day then I will take him to the clinic." That usually calms me down enough to just let him get better while not being consumed by too much mommy guilt.

Sad and scary.

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Torina said...

I can totally relate. Only my daughter talks but she cannot trust enough to tell me when something is wrong. Tara wouldn't tell me for about the first 2 years. In the last year she has gotten loads better, but it is so hard to figure out when she is sick. And scary.

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