Sunday, March 8, 2009

Speech Therapy update

It was one of those early Spring days that gets your blood and all the little buds on the trees all worked up. Getting up to bright blue skys, brilliant sun, not too cold and warming up by the minute is a rarity in the Northwest at this time of year. And, a day like this is treasured like loot.

By the time, Shea and I were on our normal Friday Speech Therapy run to Seattle to see Bubble lady, we had shed our coats and were just soaking up the rays on the ferry boat.

A nice day for a nice report. Bubble says that she is impressed at the extent of Shea's language and sentence structure. Huh?

For example, he said to her while holding up a beloved Lego contraption, "I brought this for home." She didn't seem concerned that he mixed up "for" and "from" but focused on "brought"; a complicated word that is an embedded idea. This is actually a pretty good example of the sort of things that Shea is saying these days. A big whoop for many a kid but a pretty grand leap for Shea.

Bubble said that she is less worried about his articulation which is something I always seem to fret about because it is hard for other people to understand him. But, she said she was impressed with his word choices and the cognitive sequencing needed to "build" a sentence. Huh?

I nod happily because she seems so please but I rarely fully understand what she is saying. Even after all this time. But I absorb what I can and try to parrot it back to Dad and Gramma and friends and the blog. I hope I didn't botch it up totally with all that repeating and reemphasizing.

She asked about plans for Kindergarten and seemed to think Shea was ready. I expect academically he may be but social he isn't there. For example the potty training. I just don't feel good about sending him into a mainstream Kindergarten class when he is no where near being potty trained. It just seems like playing with fire.

I did mention my concern about his "low tone" is his mouth and lower face. Maybe his bladder has "low tone"? She suggested we talk with the normal doctor and if they can check that off first, she has referrals for psychological help for Potty Training. Ok. We can do that.

So, a beautiful sunny day with some positive news and an action item. I'll take it.


Torina said...

My almost-7 yr old still wets. When I visit my kids in their kindergarten and 1st grade classrooms, there is inevitably always some kid who has wet pants.

Heidi on Vashon said...

Congratulations on the progress. Glad to hear it. :)

Holly Nappi Collins said...

Ohh, I love days like that... what a great day you had!!

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