Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Fire! Fire! Fire! ...just kidding...

Last night at about 1:00 AM the smoke alarm went off in our house! Blareing just above our heads in our new bedroom, I jumped out of bed and wasn't even really aware of what I was doing until I turned on the overhead light and then it stopped.

I stood paralyzed for an instant and listened, "Any unusual sounds?" Nope, all was quiet...now.

Very confused with chest pounding I surveyed the house for signs of smoke. Nothing. Climbed the stairs to check the kids. All was quiet. No smoldering embers. Nothing.

What the heck just happened? Fluke? Accident? Power surge?

Heart still pounding I came back to the bedroom, "Did you hear that too?" I asked Jake, thinking I might've just dreamed the whole thing.

"Heck yes, I heard that." He said and got up to survey the house for the himself too.

Needless to say, very weird and pretty damn scary. And, it sure took us a bit to get back to sleep after that rush of adrenalin.

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