Monday, March 30, 2009

Monday and a fresh boo-boo for the collection

Classic Monday.

Running around outside, keeping Shea busy while we are waiting for the special bus. He has afternoon preschool and I try to do some physical activities right before school so he will be in a good space for the sittin' and listenin' that makes school so much fun and challenging for the little guys.

Soccer, chicken chasing, up and down the gravel driveway. I was feeling really happy that he hadn't tripped and bunged himself up with a new boo-boo right before the bus rolls in.

So what happens? The bus rolls in and, as if on cue, Shea sits down on the milk box on our front porch and manages to pinch his finger hard! Wicked hard by the way he screamed his head off. And, he is pretty tough about pain. We call him our little hockey player because he takes a hit and bounces right back up.

Me, anxious, fretful mommy, trying to strap him into his harness while he is screaming, big fat tears rolling down his cheeks. Feeling like bad mommy for even sending him off to school that way. Kiss, kiss. Huggy. "You will be fine, buddy." Cringing as I walk away while he is still hollering loudly.

For me, one of the best feelings of the day is when the school bus drives off and I know my youngest kid is off to school where he will have fun and give me a few hours to do my thing. You know that freshly dropped off feeling? Or the wonderfully unencumbered feeling? Well, not today. Not for me.

The bus drove off and I could still hear his crying inside my head.

Like I said, classic Monday.


rainbowmummy said...

I sooo know that feeling. You want to shout at the bus esscort "gimmie a freakin minute" but you don't and you let them drive away. And they're fine, but you're not.

Great idea with the physical activites before hand!!!!!!!!

Holly Nappi Collins said...

Ohhh, that was a tough one!

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