Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Who does what at your house?

A marriage is a balance. Sometimes a balancing act? Perhaps. But my point is indeed a marriage is a balance.

Over the last, almost 17 years, Jake & I have settled into a balance. Somehow, most of the time, it seems to be working.

I heard somewhere that a good marriage is learning how NOT to open your mouth and speak 20 times a day. Snark? Maybe. I think it means try not to criticize too much, it looses it's impact.

It is usually very difficult to take a peekinto someone's marriage. As if you would even want to! But, here you go, a quick peek into mine:

Who does what at my house:

Banking, bills & paperwork - me
Furnace, plumbing & anything mechanical - Jake
Cars: Buying, servicing, cleaning - Jake
House cleaning - both
Cooking - both
Dish washing - Jake
Laundry - me
Keeper of the calendar - me
Teeth brushing with Shea - Jake
Homework & violin - me
Bedtime stories and tuck in - me
Dealing with spiders & other pests - Jake
Cats - both
Cloths buying for mom & kids - me
Clothes buying for dad - Jake
Grocery Store - me
House repair, fix, remodel - Jake
Doctors, Dentists & specialists - me

Now that I am looking at this list, I guess I am the Organization person and Jake is the Operations person. That actually about sums it up.

How does it work in your house?


Anonymous said...

Rich makes the money, I spend it!! No - he is "off island" so much that most of it falls on me; even the car stuff, yard and calling the repairman. He does most of the homework and reading to Liz stuff. He also makes sure we have fun. It's interesting you brought this up. Several years ago we did the Gottman survey of chores. I was blown away at how much responsibility I shouldered.
xoxo, jan

Anonymous said...

Your split is almost the same as mine, except we split the laundry (I love to mix colors...). I like to do most of the cooking but with my Overtime at about 15 extra hours a week makes it difficult. She does the cats and dogs in the AM and I do them in the evening [sound wrong sorry :)] We both do the diabetic cat shots.
I do all the mechanical, but I have her wash her own car.

Shea's Mom said...

Diabetic cat shots!!??

You guys are terrific!


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