Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Classic. The first day! Molly's face is bright red and she woke up with little water blisters on her cheeks. Poor baby. And, she is the kid with the olive skin.

Shea is not so bad since we were more diligent with the sunscreen. Molly just wouldn't come out of the surf!

But we will recover.

The pounding waves scare Shea but he has decided that it is great fun to stand on a boogie board and allow the wave to reach his board. Sometimes it even lifts him up a bit or tumbles him down into the sandy back pull of the wave. Wet, excited, sandy and super-charged; he jumps up to give it another go.

As the waves hit the beach, they stir up billowing clouds of the sugar fine sand. When you go in or come out of the water, it gets everywhere and in everything; all cracks and crevises and throughout your hair.

Although, it is perfect sand castle medium and the building will begin in earnest today. My quest is to get a beach umbrella where I will park myself majestically for the rest of the stay.

Molly and I went on an evening beach walk to see the full moon last night. Time almost stands still until you realize you have whipped through your days.


Ruth said...

Sure looks good!

Gee said...

Hi! I just came across your blog through the Mom's Blog. My son, Rohan is 3 and a half and sees a speech therapist and OT. Like you, I want to protect him from the world but I know it is not the right thing to do. I always felt alone because I know no one who was like him so I just want to thank you for your blog because reading it makes me feel someone will understand how we(Rohan & I) feel and what we go through.

Shea's Mom said...

Thanks for your comment! And, please visit again. I would love to hear how everything is going for you.

Just a little proof that we aren't alone!

Cheryl said...

Yowch! Poor thing. Hope the burn heals quickly. The moonlight walk sounds divine!

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