Monday, February 2, 2009

T minus one week to go

The weather was frigid but beautifully sunny today. Daffodils are beginning to pop up around the garden. Things are definitely looking up.

Jake is zeroing in on the last legs of the addition. Why is the last 5% of a project traditionally the hardest and most time consuming part?

What time is it? Time to go to Hawaii!!! I know, I know; no one wants to hear about it but I fully intend to do a blog post or several during the trip so I better warn everybody. And, yes, it looks exactly like this picture above.

I can somewhat partially blame my parents because they make the trip too hard to pass up. They have found a deliciously un-touristy area of Oahu and have taken to renting beach houses big enough for guests. The deal is: we are welcome to visit. Like I said, too good to pass up. Jake, me and kids leave early next Monday.

I find it absolutely amazing the gyrations that need to occur for us to just get out of town for a spell. There is a literal flurry of arrangements to make with the schools, with the violin teacher, swimming and singing coaches, OT & Speech specialists, etc. And, that is just the kids. There is me and all my clients too. Yes, I will be reachable during the trip; via e-mail and cell number. And, something ALWAYS comes up while I am gone. Thank goodness I have a really good, responsible island person to help if anything really does hit the fan.

There is the mail, the house, the 3 cats and the lone chicken to think about. Luckily we have good friends who may or may not be looking forward to hanging on and off in our casa. I am going to bring these wonderful helper people something really good to thank them like a big bag of Macadamia nuts.

We have grown up a bit since last year's trip. Figuratively and literally. Shea is really talking this year and I expect the plane ride to go smoother. I have decided to get several packages of big boy underwear in a very roomy size (easier to pull up and down) to see if we can jump start something while we are gone.

And, we are doing only carry on luggage this time to get away from the absolutely exhausting scrum in baggage claim. It was almost embarrassing how much stuff we brought last time when we only ended up needing a couple pairs of shorts and t-shirts, a bathing suit and toothbrush. This time we each have a back pack each. I figure; if we didn't bring it, we'll buy it or do without.

I can almost smell it. Paradise, here we come!

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