Thursday, February 5, 2009

Big boys, little boys and their toys

I know this is common and in no way unusual; boys of all ages still loving their toys.

My big boy, Jake, is on a Motorcycle kick. It started with a good healthy interest in scooters and as gas prices soured so did the interest level. Being handy, having an engineer's brain and a shop full of tools, Jake has been able to buy "fixer" scooters and sell them on Craigslist for a considerable profit. As the purchases, sales and inventory expand we are beginning to call it Scooterville. A somewhat tongue in cheek nod to the collection.

Ok, so I guess that was getting too easy. Now, comes the motorcycles. Please understand, I have no interest or knowledge in motorcycles. In fact, I have a good healthy fear of them! But, I am the one that has introduced him to the wonders and joys of Craigslist therefore I encourage the hobby. As long as every single anal retentive safety measure is taken. He complies willingly.

This could be one of those examples that "they" always suggest about healthy relationships; let your partner follow their bliss. Well, Jake's bliss right now is somewhat rare Honda motorcycles and he is in good company.

Shea has realized that this might just be really cool. His toy joy is predominantly of the 4 wheel variety (trucks, cars and more trucks) but 2 wheels are good in a pinch. When Jake is working on his motorcycle, they bring Shea's little bicycle over and "work on" that too with the wrench family. Need I explain? The 4 smallest wrenches are: Dad, Mom, Ya-ya and Shea and are treated with the tenderness of adored dolls. Many an afternoon can be wiled away in such "mechanical" pursuits.

I hate to be sexist and gender specify and I may get in a little bit of trouble for writing this but boys sure seem to like to work with their hands, manipulate tools, take stuff apart and try to put it back together. In my experience, they just seem to come out that way. I would call it hard wiring if I dared. I know there are plenty of examples and stories to the contrary. And, please share them! But, Shea never had any interest in stuffed animals or dolls (except for the wrench family) and glommed onto a little toy truck before he was off the boob. Although, he does like the toy kitchen and the play food. So, maybe that shows that stereotyped gender roles have progressed somewhat.

Anyway, it doesn't really matter that much, does it? And generalizations will always get me in hot water. So, how about; Viva la difference!


smitch said...

The term we have found with our boys growing up...and sexist as it may sound...They are "Man Toys"! Trucks, Play chain saws, Action figures...."Man Toys"!

Shea's Mom said...

So true, so very true.

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