Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Gravel Walk - An Irish Pub Tune played by Molly

When Molly was 3 or so, she nagged for 2 years for violin lessons until we finally gave in. Neither Jake or I had any experience with this instrument but knew it was "hard". Molly started at 5 1/2 and did the Suzuki method with a very experienced Suzuki only teacher for 3 1/2 years. Molly hung in there but in the end, she did not like the excessive structure, the lack of flexibility, there wasn't enough creativity, she wanted to learn different songs. She had hit a brick wall and her heels were dug in hard. I was seriously bummed.

We were lucky to find Sarah. She welcomed, encouraged and promoted a much more flexible, creative, student friendly violin experience. And, Molly has been able to discover a strong interest in Celtic music. And, yes, her classical training has helped her be a better violinist. Nothing is wasted.

Gravel Walk is a beautiful example of the caliber of tune Molly is playing these days. She has worked on this one long and hard to the point where I have paid her for the "rights" to post this piece on my blog. It cost me $2 and it is worth every penny.

We are also lucky to have access to the Vashon Celtic Players website; born and fostered here on our little old island. There are literally hundreds of Celtic tunes with their scores, some chord charts and an audio sample of each song. This is a HUGE resource for us. Gone are the days of buying various Celtic song books hoping there will be a new song that will capture Molly's fancy.

Fabulous Sarah suggested Gravel Walk. She knows that if Molly doesn't have a challenging piece to work on, she won't even open up the case. Which is honestly the hardest part about practicing;

Thanks Sarah. You have made all the difference. I am so proud...of both of you.


deirdre said...

How sweet is that??? Go Molly!

Jake said...

Ain't she something?


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