Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Old man winter strikes again with his pals; Sunday night snow storm, power outage and Cable TV/ Internet down.

When the power goes out around here, which it does quite often, Jake swings into action. He prides himself on his preparedness. So, when the power went out at about 9:30 Sunday night, he had a deep cycle battery set up with a reading light for me and the ubiquitous bedroom fan (for white noise) within 10 minutes flat. The power was on by the time we woke up, so he didn't have to do the whole generator thing but he was poised. And, maybe a little disappointed?

I feel very well taken care of.

Now, the cable TV, I didn't miss. Oh sure, the kids really like their two PBS stations. Molly is buried in a book almost non-stop these days and, if Shea has some cars, he is happy man. I did sort of miss my favorite news shows: Countdown with Keith Olbermann and The Rachal Maddow Show on MSNBC but we can certainly live without that for a day or two.

But, the internet hook up...we were down for almost 2 whole days! That was missed. I admit it, I am addicted. I communicate almost completely with my clients via e-mail. I love the automatic paper trail. I felt nervous and stressed, like I was missing something important. What if a client had a question and I didn't respond in good time? See what I mean? But, I also missed my news surfing and info gathering. And, I missed my blog. I felt quite literally un-plugged. Not in a good way.

Jake, who maybe a year ago couldn't even turn on a computer, has discovered Craigslist. So, even he missed the hook up. The kids missed PBSkids.org and a variety of kid friendly websites.

I guess I was the worst hit but I realize that our whole family is firmly part of cyber world and there is no going back.

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