Saturday, January 10, 2009

Reunion jitters

I have been getting those "Someone is looking for you!" spams from Reunion sights in my in box lately. I barely noticed them and just promptly delete as I am always afraid that some scary virus will ride in on one of those. I didn't think anything about it.

Well, sure enough, I guess the powers that be (the Bellevue High School 1983 class president and friends) have decided to have a mini reunion at 26 years. Something about, the 20th was SOOOO much fun and we couldn't wait until the 30th. So, voila! Come to an east side bar on Jan. 17th and reunite with all the high school pals.

For some reason, I was considered "lost" and a couple of old pals contacted me and asked if I was interested in going. My first instinct is, "Hell No!" I did not have a particularly wonderful time in high school. I remember it being particularly snobby and mean spirited. I had a few good, solid friends but pretty much kept to my own little world. I remember some of the kids being amazingly cruel and predatory. Hell no, I don't want to see them.

But, upon rethinking, it was fun to see the people that I did like at the 20th. I reconnected with some people I had lost touch with. I also found the people I had liked back then, I still really liked. There were some very nice folks, like me stuck in a school where many of the kids where filthy rich and spoiled. It was fun to reconnect and I was definately planning on going to the 30th. Why not this one?

Ok, I am game. One of my dear old friends lives in W. Seattle and she said that she would pick me up from the ferry and we can go together. I suggested we could go to dinner before to catch up and then head on over to the shin-dig.

I am nervous and excited. I feel like having a complete overhaul but have settled for a snazzy new blouse and perhaps a quick haircut on Saturday. My first anxious thought was, "I am such a matron." but then again, we are all the same age. Time is kinder to some but who cares.

So, I have a week to twit about it and I expect I will have a good time. It will be good to see Lynn and Marybeth. And, I am hoping that Mitchell (the high school boyfriend) will show up; haven't talked to him since I was pregnant with Molly.

I will faithfully report back.

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