Thursday, January 8, 2009

Gluten-Free Product Review: Nana's Cookie Bars

I want to thank Dave G. for submitting this excellent Gluten-Free Product Review! Sounds good! How did I miss these? Thanks, Dave XOX

Nana’s Cookie Bars

A gluten free snack

This is a preliminary assessment of the snack product, Nana’s Cookie Bars, which this author has studied extensively in a laboratory that also doubles as a kitchen. The reason for this research it that Nana’s Cookie Bars would seem to be as nearly addictive as a non-addictive snack product could possibly be. What follows is an in-depth analysis of the precise nature of this addictive quality. Why exactly are Nana’s Cookie Bars so good?

Preliminary conclusions: beats me.

As of this writing, Nana’s Cookie Bars have become something far more than a mere staple of my gluten-free diet. They are a food group unto themselves. They are as essential to my continued happiness as loud music and women with tattoos in the smalls of their backs. They are as indispensable to my existence as the air I breathe and the water I occasionally bathe in, and I anticipate that soon they may have their own place in the periodic table of elements.

The technicians behind Nana’s Cookie Bars have created three flavors, Berry Vanilla, Chocolate Munch, and the irresistible Nana Banana--the specific item this author is sadly dependent upon. Nana’s Cookie Bars are soft and crumbly, and may end up on the floor if placed in small hands. This author would recommend unwrapping the bars and rolling bite-sized balls to be stored in sandwich bags for toddler consumption.

Negative remarks, addendums, and caveats:

To date, Nana’s Cookie Bars have advertised no merchandise or special offers that might allow the buyer to achieve some small savings by including with a purchase a sufficient number of box tops or “proof of purchase seals.” Nevertheless, in anticipation of such an offer I am currently bagging, boxing, and storing all Nana’s Cookie Bar boxes I acquire as a result of my addiction.


Shea's Mom said...

I am having a REALLY hard time finding these! I checked at the PCC in W. Seattle and at our Vashon Thriftway but no luck.

I will keep looking but may need to resort to buying on line. Unfortunately, I will have to buy an 8 box pack which will suck if Shea won't eat them.

Still looking....

Anonymous said...

in pics

Anonymous said...

hope he eats them

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