Sunday, January 18, 2009

Reunion debriefing

A thoroughly stupendous time was had. This was 26 years, don't ask me why this was the year to do it. But, the folks that pulled it together spent a lot of time getting the word out.

Treble thanks goes to M-beth for being my date and driving. Believe it or not, she got me back just in time for the last ferry at 2:10 AM. Wow... I guess we did have fun.

It was fabulous to see Lynn, Fritz, Mark, Dalton, Lisa, Allen. I barely recognized anyone else and there was plenty of squinting at name tags trying to remember.

"High school is just a fog. Do I remember you? Do you remember me?" was my mantra for the night. But, for the most part I really enjoyed visiting with a good handful of people.

Facebook has even been embraced by us geezers and there was much determined promises of tracking down and be-befriending. I will try to live up to my promises.

The consensus seemed to be that the girls looked pretty good as a whole but the guys hadn't fared so well. In some cases this was true but frankly I thought we all looked pretty good for a bunch of mid-life crisis addled recovering high school students.

Weirdest conversation: someone I adore trying to convince me that same-sex marriage would open the door for legalized poligomy. Something about if we let gay folks marry then people with multiple partners will want to as well. He was always funny in a very rye sort of way but I fear he was serious.

I told him a story about getting The Game of Life for my 10 year old daughter for Christmas. As her and her neighbor pal played, they were allowed to choose whether to be male or female and when they landed on "get married" I would say,

"Would you like to marry a man or a woman? Because this house supports same sex marriage." The kids titter and choose the opposite sex but the point is well made. I told this fellow that I would never want my kid to think that if she was gay that I would not love her as much or that there was anything wrong with that. I would celebrate, support and welcome whoever she wanted to spend her life with.

That took the wind out of his sails a bit.

Saddest journey: it was nice to see a guy I hadn't seen for a very long time. We hugged and chatted and eventually he went to the bathroom. I said to a gaggle of gals, "Wow, he looks great. He was always such a cutie." One of the gals said, "Yes, he just got out of jail. He told me that he was glad there was no one doing coke at the party." Sheesh, depressing.

So, yes, it gets easier. It was fun. I will go to the next one. It's a relatively harmless way to mark the years.

Oh, and Mitchell didn't show. Coward.

UPDATE: Ok, Mitch was not a coward but busy with a good excuse. Missed seeing him but he has since e-mailed and all is well in nostalgia land.

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David said...

I want names, later please, lol.

Bye for now....Brother Dave

Oh, and please say Hi to everyone from me.

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