Friday, January 30, 2009

Rhyming words and dirty kleenex

It was Bubble lady Friday with Shea and it went pretty well. He just loves her and it really is just a good solid hour of intellectual play time for him. I usually spend the time listening to progressive talk radio or reading The Sun; a brief respite in a busy, on the road kind of day.

She has instructed us to work on rhyming words with Shea; make it a game and make it fun. She says that is isn't only just for his language development and articulation but clues and triggers for early reading. Sounds good and he is certainly interested in words and letters.

Recently, he has begun to demand what each road sign says as we drive. Lots and lots of signs. Repetition doesn't matter. Yes, he is interested in words.

I remember saying, "Shea may read before he talks." And, he is on his way.

We let him play on a wonderful educational website that begins with the Alphabet which includes ASL too. Now, he has moved onto the more complex early reading components, perhaps over his head a bit but the desire is there and he likes it.

Bubble also made a point to mention to me that his verbal sequencing is beginning to be more fluid. For example, he would say, "Bubble...lady" or two distinct words with a pronounced delay between each word. She pointed out to me, and I see that she is right, Shea's language is beginning to flow more smoothly with less choppy stops and starts.

Hey, that's true! I had only really noticed that the sentences were coming but she is right, the words flow with a more natural, less stilted cadence.

Shea also arrived at Bubble lady's with minor sniffles, so another thing they focused on today was nose blowing. I never have been able to get him to do it and Bubble told me that it is a sequencing thing and difficult for some kids. Now, that I think about his low tone with his mouth, I can see that it would be harder for him. She kept encouraging him to close his mouth and that was the trick. They worked on it today and he is nearly down with a good nose blow now.

Pretty good. seems.

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deirdre said...

I think reading will be huge for Shea - really shift his paradigm. Road signs are how we started too!

Interesting - Dylan always hated hated hated blowing his nose. He still won't.

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