Saturday, October 11, 2008

Why we do it

I know it's been a little heavy so far so I thought I would lighten it up a bit with a reminder of why we do what we do.

So, let's take some time to focus on what is really important; the kids.

Shea is so sunny; easy going and naturally generous. He possesses the innate wonder of a curious of mind. He loves his family, his cats and the comfort of home. School pals, especially best buddy Gordon, have a very special place in his days. Athough his verbal challenges can be very frustrating for him, tantrums don't last very long and his happy nature comes back almost immediately making him a favorite with all who know him.

We love him as he is, hope for a bright and beautiful future and will do ANYTHING we need to do to get him there.

Good golly miss Molly!

First let me say, despite the teasing, bugging, and incessant pestering, she really is the best big sister Shea could ever want. She is viciously loyal and protective. She is his most ardent teacher and devoted playmate.

She has a sense of justice with an honesty barometer that makes us marvel. She still possesses a guilelessness that makes me afraid sometimes. But with her strong wit and sense of self, she tends to throw the plodders off balance. She enjoys a sharp yet empathic intellect that makes me wonder just how far she will go. As far as she wants to, is our hope. She is our first born and there will never be anyone like her.

Parents, as you all know, are never objective about their own. My truly hilarious cousin-in-law Mike said once, "Why are our kids so much more interesting than any one elses?" How true.

I have heard it takes multiple generations to raise a well rounded child. My kids are lucky. My mom has been poised to be a rock solid grandmother since before the egg split. She takes adoring grand mothering very seriously and has set a new high water mark for our family. Beloved Grampa John sets a new standard for grampas in our family as well and treasures each hug and smooch. He is appreciated for his humor, sense of fun and good graces. Bless you both.

All the above pictures are from our wonderful trip to visit John & Ruth in their super terrific Hawaii beach house last Feb. 08. Lucky us!

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