Friday, October 31, 2008

Treats; what works for Shea?

I am not a militant anti-candy mom. I think that moderation is the key. I did enough rebelling as a kid to know that taboos only sparkle all the brighter. I have tried the "alternatives" or the clean candies. Some are better than others and they may work for the little kids but I have found it backfiring for the bigger kids.

So, do I let my kids eat all the candy they want? No. I monitor, and monitor closely. But, I do believe that sugar is a big part of the culture of American childhood and that a parent needs to walk a delicate line. And, all that is before we introduce the complication of food allergies.

So, here we are at Halloween. What will work for Shea? Thank goodness chocolate is ok. Peanuts aren't. So that nixes many, many, many personal favorites. Bye-bye Snickers, Baby Ruth, Peanut M&Ms. There is also a lot of wheat in candy too. Anything with any kind of cookie or wafer is out. Usually lollypops, Starbursts and fruit based candies are ok.

As we dig through the loot; I view myself as an editor. Unfortunately, when I edit it lands into Mommy's pile. So, much for my self monitoring.

I encourage my kids to sort the candy and then barter. Not only does this build good negotiating skills but you get a lot of entertainment before the candy is even unwrapped. True; the 10 year old usually gets the better end of the deal but Shea doesn't take it quietly. And, considering his speech delay, that it ok.

Usually after the first sugar frenzy, they both loose interest. They eat all their favorites and sort of forget about it. I throw the rest away.

Of course, after I eat anything I want.

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